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Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Jana attended the Alberta College of Art and Design, where she received her BFA in Ceramics. She works predominately in the medium of clay but enjoys painting and other mixed media work. Jana has been instructing art for the last 15 years at Northmount Pleasant, and has recently began volunteering at the Flames’ Rotary House providing respite care for terminally-ill children.

These sculpted clay elderly faces represent a new direction for me as a ceramic artist. I have done a lot of functional work in the past and now I feel the need to explore further. I have been very fortunate to travel within Mediterranean Europe, and experience Greek and Roman culture and art more directly. I had never realized before how important the sculpting of faces has been as a part of recording history.

In a similar way, I have attempted to capture my family’s history in Alberta. Sometimes my emotions also reveal themselves like those of the old souls I imagine while I’m sculpting…maybe you can relate?! 

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