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Jill Nuckles received a BFA with distinction as a sculpture major from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 1999. She is a multidisciplinary sculpture who works in many mediums including fibre, ceramics and glass. Her work has been described as unique, thought provoking and personal. Nuckles is drawn to natural materials and traditional processes that are part of our human experience. Her country childhood, north of Edmonton, sparked and fostered a fascination with the textures found in nature and the intersection of humanity and the natural world “this exploration connects me to the natural world and motivates my making” says Nuckles. She gathers materials and inspiration from nature and uses them to feed her practice of art making. Always fascinated by the intersection of man-made objects and nature – finding beauty in a concert jungle – she strives to reinterpret the world in a softer and more intimate way.

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